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Lighting for RETAIL & STORE

Lighting is key to elevating the customer experience across your entire retail footprint. From sales floors to offices, warehouses to parking lots, our state-of-the-art LED store lighting can help you create an inspired, customized environment that staff and customers will want to return to again and again.

The biggest thing I’ve been impressed with is that the performance Trust LED Lighting says they’ll provide, they’ve always met or exceeded. The fixture performed much better than anticipated.

Showcasing Better Retail Lighting

In the age of online retail, shoppers have never been more critical of the in-store experience. The right LED store lighting inside and storefront lighting fixtures for parking lots, walkways, and even parking decks can turn your physical ambiance into a real competitive advantage.

From concept to grand opening, Trust LED lighting proves to be a reliable solution that delivers on better visibility and energy/maintenance cost savings while adding comfort to the grocery shopping experience.

A Trust LED Lighting® solution delivers energy and maintenance savings, and an enhanced shopping experience at night.

Retail Lighting Fixtures

Learn More About LED Retail & Store Lighting

Interested in enhancing your LED retail & store lighting? Review some of our resources below such as our retail application guide for inspiration. Choosing the right LED lighting solution will create a more inviting environment for every employee and customer in the in your retail location.

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