Trust Overseas Group

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Trust LED & Lighting Solutions

TRUST Overseas Group, Inc. (TRUST OSG) is one of Egypt’s leading providers of lighting and building management solutions., The Company’s products and solutions are sold under various brands, including Trust®, Tesla®

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Philips LED Chips

SMD (Surface mounted diode) is a standalone chip on a ceramic base that can be integrated into various packages for linear LED strips or down-lights.

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Samsung LED Chips

Our products overcome what had been significant performance limitations of conventional LED packages. By expanding our CSP line-up, we expect to provide greater value to the LED lighting market, enabling new possibilities in LED lighting and giving our customers greater design flexibility

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Epistar LED Chips

COB stands for chips on board, which is a different solution than SMD packaging. Generally, an SMD LED is mounts onto a desk, then the desk is mounted onto a PCB, instead, COB skips the middle step and mounts the chips onto PCB directly, and thus, the cost is lower. Saving money is merely one of the advantages of COB.