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Our solutions for schools and universities do more than provide lighting to bring the best educational experience to light.

We’ve gotten good feedback, good quality of light. It sells us not only from the maintenance standpoint. We trust your product. We know we're not going to have to go in there and change any lights

Bringing the Best Educational Experience to Light

Our solutions do much more than provide lighting. We offer intelligent solutions that meet your exact needs. Customize spaces to keep students focused and alert or optimize them for distance learning. Improve safety and security across your campus using our LED lights for schools‒all while meeting building codes and conservation mandates.

Narmer American College

Using Trust LED lighting, Narmer American College at El Tagamoa–El Khames, New Cairo City is working toward a goal to become an all-LED campus with the long term objective to be a net zero energy consumer, meaning it will use only as much energy as it generates.

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Learn More About Educational Lighting

If you want to learn more about educational lighting and the impact it can make, explore our resources below. Watch our video about dynamic lighting in schools, listen to our webinar about the importance of good lighting in schools, and review our white paper research on the benefits of better light.

If these resources don’t answer your questions about school lighting fixtures, consider contacting us or reading our public school LED lighting case study.

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