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Healthcare Lighting

Improve the healthcare experience with lighting solutions that are tailored the needs of hospitals, clinics and elder-care facilities. Our healthcare lighting solutions help boost staff performance and morale, increase operational efficiency and create welcome, relaxing spaces for patients and visitors.

We need good lighting for doing any type of procedure — starting IVs, assessing the skin, identifying any rashes. With the new lighting, I can see a lot better now. It’s nice and clean and feels more updated.

Healthcare Lighting for Labs and Clinics

We know patient care and satisfaction are paramount. That’s why we help healthcare providers like these provide exceptional experiences at every step ‒ from precision task lighting in labs and clinics, to soft, tunable ambient lighting in visitor areas and patient rooms, and bright, secure lighting outside. Discover the benefits Trust LED Lighting’s sustainable healthcare lighting solutions were able to deliver to these hospitals and clinics.

Panel 60 x 60 Back Light with Chip Philips and Driver Philips products comply with the Egyptian and European standards and certified by the most renowned international testing and certification institutes.

Eco-friendly, no heat, safe, durable, no mercury and hazardous substance contained, no IR and UV radiation, low power consumption.

LED panel light use for bedroom, dining room, drawing room, offices, meeting room, corridor, industrial plants, shops, classroom and buildings utility room etc.

High brightness: The ceiling light adopting the Philips Chip qualified LED chips with 120 LM/W, it lights uniformly without flicker, and protects your eyes from harsh and glaring lights.

This economical IP65 waterproof LED fixture with a length of 120 cm consumes only 2×18 Watt, the LED tubes are supplied as standard. The LED tubes are also replaceable. The light color is 6000K daylight white and will last at least 30,000 hours. In addition, you receive a 2 year warranty on this waterproof LED fixture with a dimension of 120 cm. This waterproof fixture replaces a regular fluorescent lamp with a capacity of 110 watts.


Exceptional Lighting That’s Comfortable, Efficient and Safe

About Cree Lighting’s LED Healthcare Lighting

Trust LED Lighting solutions for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities provides an energy-efficient solution that can also contribute to the overall wellbeing of patients and care providers. LED hospital lights not only make for a comfortable environment for patients to recover, they also function to help healthcare professionals administer care. Learn more here about healthcare lighting solutions for your facility.

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