Tube Light 18 W (TST-NAN009-18W)

  • الموديل
  • الوات
  • الفولت
  • التردد
  • عمر التشغيل
  • الأبعاد (مم)

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Retail & Grocery Lighting

Retail lighting has to be top shelf to reach clear to the bottom shelf. This is where TRUST® LED lighting really shines. TRUST® TrueWhite® Technology casts light with highly accurate color, and plenty of it, eliminating shadows and dark spots. Outside, TRUST luminaires with TrueWhite Technology ensure shoppers are greeted by well-lit, reassuringly inviting parking lots. All this top-shelf lighting comes with minimal maintenance at low, low energy costs.

المواصفات Tube Light 18 W (TST-NAN009-18W)

الموديل TST-NAN009-18W
الوات 18 W
الفولت AC 85 : 265 V
التردد 50 : 60 HZ
عمر التشغيل 20000 Hrs
الأبعاد (مم) 120 (mm)