TRUST LED Categories

Trust Overseas Group

Trust Overseas Group offers a full comprehensive led lighting product range, and a first class customer service and technical support center.

Trust Overseas Group prides itself in being able to offer only the best quality products with a full 5 years warranty; all our products meet the current British and European Standards.

Every customer is highly valued and Trust Overseas Group will endeavour to help them in reducing their carbon foot print and promise to provide the most competitive rates whiles offering only the most up to date with the latest technology in led lighting design.

TRUST LED Flood Light

You can find out an excellent solution for your LED Outdoor Lighting from us, whether you’re looking for landscape lighting to brighten walkway, courtyard and light up your wall to highlight the architectural accent for residential or commercial buildings, or public lighting fixtures to illuminate roadways, highways, tunnels, streets, parking lots and so on.

TRUST LED High Bay Light

Since LED High Bay Lights are designed with some outstanding performances at low energy consumption, high luminance and long lifespan, so it’s particularly used to illuminate commercial & industrial environments with tall ceiling and large space, such as retailing stores, warehouses, factories and supermarkets.

Trust LED Mushroom Light

Mushroom light, ideal for street lights, high bay light fittings, etc. Equipped with an aluminium heat sink that provides a stable temperature and a long life.Ideal for high bay lights and street lights.

TRUST LED Street Light

Nowadays, with the continuous development of LED lighting technology, LED Street Lights are changing the way to illuminate our street, roadway, parking lot and other public areas. Compare with traditional types of lighting fixtures, LED Street Lights perform extremely well to emit high lumens and lower power consumption, that can significantly save much money and improve efficiency for illumination of public traffic.

Trust LED Panel Light

LED panels, due to their low consumption and high efficiency, are ideal for any space where we need quality lighting, able to create a modern and welcoming environment.

Trust LED Tube Light

LED tubes replace old fluorescent tubes with greater efficiency, better performance and much lower energy consumption.

We have Highest quality LED tubes, always at the best price.