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2 nd International Exhibition for LED Technology

In order to preserve the national wealth to promote sustainable development and achieve the lowest levels of consumption and possible losses and maximize national output.


Led Midlle East , the second international conference for LED technology in Egypt and the Middle East , aims to deepen the use of LED technology in lighting systems, televisions, displays and advertisements to provide about 30% of electricity consumption in residential and commercial buildings and about 75% of street lighting and outdoor advertising.

The exhibition will be held from 19 to 21 July 2018  at the Cairo International Conference Center-CICC- Nasr City – Cairo.

LED Flood Lights are not only positioned as uplight, but also as downlight, and its light can be spread uniformly across wide space.

The sectors targeted for participation are:

  • Companies specializing in energy-saving lighting systems .
  • Companies producing and distributing computer screens and LED TVs
  • Companies design and manufacture equipment and production lines of LED products
  • Companies design and construction of displays and advertisements that work with LED technology
  • Companies specializing in industries feeder for the manufacture of LED
  • Companies specialized in the establishment and development of laboratories of quality and energy efficiency tests
  • Organizations concerned with research and development, deepening the national industry and maximizing investment in the green economy .
  • Organizations concerned with specifications, quality of production, energy efficiency, environmental protection and product control.
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